Political Correctness

political correctness (PC):
a constantly expanding collection of unwritten, arbitrary and inflexible rules
which are employed to establish and maintain control of the populace by
attempting to force everyone, under threat of some form of punishment or
retribution, to travel a singular and one-way avenue of thinking the same,
speaking the same and acting the same, thereby achieving the ultimate
Liberal Utopian vision of equality,” more accurately described as sameness.”
Ironic Note: the opposite of “sameness” is “diversity,” the very thing
the politically correct claim to support and promote! How’s that for hypocrisy?


In times past we used to say a person who didn’t care to know the truth, or even take the time to look for it, had his head in the sand.
However, in today’s fast-paced, high tech, PC world, people have evolved to the point they realize it’s far too restrictive to remain stationary with their heads in the sand and have discovered if they simply stick their heads up their ass instead, they can be as mobile as ever and remain as ignorant as ever. It’s a win-win.
Ahh, American ingenuity. Isn’t progress wonderful?