Settled Science

Regarding climate change or global warming or extreme weather or whatever you want to call it:
We are told, “the science is settled.” Well, what the hell does that even mean??

*It means, “That’s it. I’ve heard enough. I’ve made up my [closed] mind. Don’t want to hear anything more” (because it could possibly change my mind).
*It means, “We know everything we need to know. Nothing new here, move on and pay dearly as you leave.”
*It means, “Shut up!”

The dictionary defines science as: knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.
The key word here is “knowledge,” (not to be confused with or replaced by assumptions, predictions, guesses or flexible computer models) which is the polar opposite of ignorance. Ignorance simply means lack of knowledge, not knowing something. It does not mean dumb or stupid as many people mis-use it.

Everyone who has ever lived on this planet was born infinitely ignorant. That is to say, at birth we all knew absolutely nothing about absolutely everything and we spend our entire time on this planet trying to replace that ignorance with knowledge. Knowledge is inversely proportional to ignorance… the more knowledge you acquire, the less ignorant you are, and vice versa…. but no one can ever be completely un-ignorant about anything or they would then know everything, which is not humanly possible. Consider how much there is to know in the universe, most of which we can’t even imagine because we don’t yet know it’s there and therefore we’re not aware that we don’t know it. To put it into perspective, the collective sum of all human knowledge today is no more than a teaspoonful from the vast ocean of initial infinite ignorance we started with.

So then, with that in mind, I have to pose this question: since all branches of science are constantly changing, with new discoveries and ideas continually altering or proving/disproving beliefs, direction and methods and, since the human race has barely scratched the surface of our original infinite ignorance, why in the world would anyone say “the science is settled?” Since there is so much we do not know, it is not possible for any aspect of science to be “settled,” or anything even close to it.

Some of those who have recently made the “settled science” claim include: Barack Obama, the leader of the free world; Hillary Clinton, who wants to be that leader; and a host of other well known and supposedly intelligent people.

There are only two possible reasons they would make such a provably untrue statement:

1. they are woefully ignorant and have chosen to abdicate their responsibility as thinking human beings by blindly accepting someone else’s views as their own and, in turn, force it upon others whom they know are equally ignorant; or,
2. they are not ignorant and are lying to advance an agenda which, in the case of climate change, will be unbelievably more expensive and restrictive than most people realize. In fact, many don’t even want to hear about potential problems associated with climate change policies because they have already been “gruberized.”

In any case, it’s definitely not knowledge, but rather plain old ignorance (and the manipulation thereof), which masquerades as “settled science,” that allows them to lie with impunity…. and get away with it, while many remain blindly supportive and comfortably content wrapped in their personal cloak of ignorance.

The term “settled science” is an oxymoron used by real morons to manipulate and indoctrinate their fellow morons at the expense of everyone, moron or not.

There are those who think they know everything…….they become politicians.
There are those who will lie to advance an agenda……they become politicians.
There are those who will blindly believe everything their own party politician says…..they are us.